3 Self-Care Tips To Prevent Holiday Burnout

3 Self-Care Tips To Prevent Holiday Burnout

Nov 22 , 2018


Delsie Carter

self care prioritizing is crucial to taking care of yourself

Self care is the best care. As simple as it may sound, it appears to be one of the fastest growing areas being abandoned in peoples lives. How hard can it be to take care of ones self? Especially during the holidays, we are consumed with catering to out-of-town guest and purchasing gifts for everyone on their lists. Obviously, it has become quite difficult to do and in many instance, it is not happening at all. Most people would admit that by the time they finish addressing everyone else’s needs and concerns, they have nothing left for themselves. Consequently, this type of abandonment over the course of time is detrimental to ones livelihood and their overall sense of wellness, mentally and physically. We will share three ways to prioritize your self-care during this holidays season.

1. Breathe 

Breathe is our source of life. It sustains us in our physical bodies. Without breathe their is no life. Sometimes we need to simply slow down. We move from one thing to the next so quickly that we fail to stop and breathe in little moments of appreciation. Everyday provides us with the opportunity to breathe and take it all in. Breathe is life. If we are too busy to breathe, essentially that means we are too busy to live. Are we really that busy?

2. Silence is Golden

Less is best, so goes the saying. Being in silence allows us to absorb the people and situations around us more clearly before we make decisions. Our society has taught us to quickly jump in and offer our opinion, however silence is golden. Don't be so willing to throw yourself into situations and conversations that is begging for your response. Be an observer and decide whether it is worthy of your energy or not. 

3. Eat

Take the time to feed yourself .Your body is made up of billions of cells that is designed to take care of you. It is our job to feed and nourish our bodies with foods that provide the highest levels of nutrition to our cells. Your body is awesome and complex. Give your body the best foods that you have access to. When most people get a new car, they only use the highest octane gasoline as fuel. It is understood that the better the gas, the better the car will perform. If this is true for a car, how much more so for our precious bodies? During this busy season of frenzy and care taking of others, take care of yourself.

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Self Care Is The Best Care

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